9 ways to use Facebook when it is blocked

1)Use Facebook’s IP address If the sites that are blocked are stored as URLs, then one can access Facebook using its IP address. The following IP addresses can be used to access Facebook. You can find the IP address of a website here. 2)Use short URL services Another trick is to convert facebook.com URL into a short URL and use that to access Facebook. Again if the URL is stored in the block list, you can access Facebook from this short URL. You can use mooURL and snipURL to get short URLs. 3)Using Online Translation Services Another way to access Facebook when it is blocked is to use an online translator that translates the website into another language. You are provided with an option to view the site in its original language in the translated results page. Click that option to view the original Facebook page. Google Translate and Yahoo babel Fish offer translation services. You need to just enter the URL and click on OK to get the translated page. Then click on view Original to get Facebook in the original language. 4)Subscribe to RSS feeds Subscribe to RSS feeds in Facebook and you can read them using RSS readers like Google Reader or you can get them delivered to your mail box. This is one way to get Facebook stories when it is blocked and stay updated. 5)Retrieve via email Web2mail offers a special service – It sends the snapshot of the webpage to your mail box and lets you read it from your mail. You can activate this service by sending a mail to www@web2mail.com with the website URL as the subject. 6)Using screen-resolution.com Screenresolution.com is a website used for checking screen resolutions in Internet Explorer. One can access Facebook by typing its URL in this site. Though it can be viewed only in Internet Explorer, it helps you access Facebook even when it is blocked. It also allows you to navigate and update in Facebook. 7)Using Google Cache One other way to view Facebook when it is blocked is using the Google Cache. One can view the snapshot of the webpage when it is blocked by clicking on cached option that you see in the Google search results. This will work only if you have enabled the browser to remember your Facebook password. Now search for Facebook in Google and click on “cached” that appears next to the search result. 8)Using Google Mobile Search Click here to use Google Mobile Search. Since the results do not contain Java scripts and CSS, it displays the normal HTML page. Though the output is not optimal, one can use this to access Facebook when blocked. 9)Access Facebook from your email account By activating email notifications in Facebook, you can receive all the notifications as mail. And one can use this way to get connected to Facebook when it is blocked.

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